‘Tis the Season … for a checklist

‘Tis the Season … for a checklist

It’s that time of year – breeding season is upon us. Most of you are old hands at this, but it never hurts to take a moment to make sure you’re not missing something when it’s time to transport your horse to the breeding sheds. Not everything on this list is going to apply to everybody, but it’s still a good idea to think about it for a moment. It might spare you from a horse-sized headache:

  • If vaccinations are in order, do you have all the certificates and paperwork?
  • Has a vet checked your horse lately? Probably yes, but…
  • How’s your insurance? Anything can happen when the roads are crowded.*
  • Do you have complete contact information both at your farm and at theirs?
  • Are wraps and boots in good shape?
  • If you use head bumpers, are they clean and ready to use?
  • Do you have any other apparel and protective gear that needs to be checked?
  • Are halters, leads and other equipment in good shape?
  • If this horse is green, is it comfortable with boarding trailers?
  • Have practiced boarding your horse lately so that she’s comfortable with getting on a trailer?
  • Do you have any other procedures at your farm, such as sign-out sheets, security checks, etc.?
  • Does everyone at your farm know the schedule?

Take a moment, though, before you go checking everything on that list and make sure that you’ve called us for an appointment. The sooner you call Sallee, the more choices you have so that you can get the slots you want at the farms, and make sure that you’re covered when she comes home.

When you call Sallee Horse Transportation, you are getting the best the horse transport industry has to offer. *Our reputation for excellent service and safe, on-time deliveries is unmatched. Our equipment is top-notch, just as you would expect from a company that manufactures trailers. Our horse vans have all the modern equipment available to ensure safe, reliable, timely horse shipping from your farm and back.

While you’re getting ready for breeding season, call us with any horse transportation questions. We have some of the most experienced horse industry veterans anywhere ready and eager to help you.

Call us today for your appointment. You can trust us to do the job.