Health Documents for Horse Transportation

Health Documents for Horse Transportation

Reminder for anyone making Horse Transportation arrangements, it is important to make sure that you have the proper health documents (negative coggins test, health certificate or Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, and may include other negative tests or vaccines depending on destination).

Many racetracks or show grounds have additional entry requirements.  It is also important to note that original coggins tests or notarized copies of a coggins test are required to cross the Florida state line.

Make sure that you or your vet does not write on a coggins test which will alter the federal document (i.e.  A horse is noted on the coggins test by its breeding, and after being named, someone writes the horses name next to the typed breeding identification.  This alters the document, and a strict law enforcement officer could turn this horse down for entry into another state because of the document alteration.)  Ensure the vet gives you the appropriate forms, owner copy of the coggins and the shipper copy of the health certificate.

When making your horse transportation schedule with Sallee Horse Vans, the experts in Horse Transportation, please be sure to check with the racetrack or the show grounds for their particular entry requirements. Different race tracks and show grounds have different types of tests or standards used as requirements before accepting your horse.

Stay up to date with some of the latest Health Requirements for horses, by clicking here,  Sallee Horse Transportation posts some of the health requirements and links to documentation and specifications, right on our website, for your convenience.