How to spot a healthy horse

How to spot a healthy horse

While we always recommend having a vet inspect any horse you plan to buy, there are some things you can look for to help identify a healthy horse to save yourself time and expense. Here are some tips:

One of the first things to inspect is a horse’s body condition. You want a horse that has been properly fed. Look at a horse’s eyes. They should be bright and clear. Sick horses often have a cloudy or dull look in their eyes.

Inspect the horse’s mouth and teeth. Make sure you don’t see any sores or abnormalities or anything that indicates the horse isn’t healthy or in good condition. A horse’s coat can look different depending on their breed but in general it should have some shine to it. In some cases, a dull coat can indicate parasites but is not always the case. Just be on the lookout.

The feet are extremely important places to pay attention to. Check them for bumps, bruises, cuts or anything that’s out of the norm. Make sure that the toes are pushed back or the horse may experience a bone problem down the road. In general when you approach a horse it should appear healthy and in good spirits. Use your best judgment and always consult with a veterinary professional.

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