Preparing a horse for a race

Horse Race

Preparing a horse for a race

With all the excitement of Churchill Downs and Kentucky Derby in the air, we’re thinking about horse racing. Do you own a racehorse? Here are some tips on how to prepare your horse for a race.

Just like human athletes, racehorses need to regularly train to be at their best for important competitions. Preparing a horse for a race requires a deliberate strategy that doesn’t overwork your horse, which can lead to injuries and stress before or during the event.

While a horse trainer should be in charge of the training schedule, other people who come into contact with and care for your horses should be aware of anything that could affect your horse’s health or performance. Your groomers should report any problems to you and make sure your horses are properly shoed and receive any nutritional supplements, medications or inoculations they may need. It is especially important to be aware of prohibited medications or ingredients in supplements that could disqualify your horse.

Nutrition is also an important part of preparing a horse for a race. There are special lines of food available that are formulated for competition horses. They’re designed to help support muscle rebuilding and repair and enhance energy.

Before the race, make sure to arrange for safe and comfortable transportation of your horse to the track. Sallee Horse Transportation provides 360-degree care for your racehorses to and from the track, so you can focus on winning!