Employee Page


Picture of employeesOur Sallee Horse Van Employees are the best!
We’ve set up this special employee page, only for Sallee Horse Van employees.  All employees with a valid username (email address) and password, may access this site.  This section is designed for everyone to stay in touch, hear about new announcements, and utilize this section to contact home office, leave your feedback and access employee only materials, right here, on the web, in the comfort of your own personal space.

When you signed in, you provided an email address, this email address will be used to communicate with you on a regular basis about any company announcements, updates, or just general communication, so we can stay in touch!

Below, you will find a list of download-able forms that you might need while working with Sallee Horse Vans.  Please right click on them to save a copy, or double click to open, using a PDF reader.  (If you don’t have Adobe PDF, a link for you to install that application is also located below for your convenience.)

Sallee Horse Van Employee-only forms, items and manuals.

Get Adobe Reader here.

Thanks for checking in, if at any time you have any questions regarding your employment at Sallee, please contact your home office on (859) 255-9406 or email Liz Sadler: easadler@salleehorsevans.com