About Us

The Leading Horse Transportation Company Since 1963

Sallee Horse Vans Horse Transportation ServiceFor over fifty years, Sallee Horse Vans has earned its reputation by earning customers trust by consistently providing the best service in the industry. Our commitment to our customers and equine passengers is paramount. Every time we transport a horse to a race, a show, the breeding shed, or a new home, we earn your trust time and time again.


From the very first time one of our trucks roared to life, we have understood the importance of every trip we make. This is a family owned business, and, as far as we’re concerned, if you are doing business with us, you are part of our family. You’ll find our employees feel the same way, and treat you and your animals with care and respect.


Serving the equine community for over fifty years, it’s easy to see how important this attitude is, how it contributes to our number one ranking in our industry, and how you count on us for the same reliable, safe, and courteous service time after time. We appreciate your trust, and know we have to build on it with every shipment.


A Team Effort

Our 360-degree approach ensures that your horses arrive calm and safe. Our people “know” horses and what it takes to move them safely across town or from coast-to-coast. Our vans have video to constantly monitor your horses and communication equipment that keeps drivers in constant contact with our team.


Sallee Horse Vans operates a fleet of the safest, most up—to-date equipment in the industry. To ensure this, we build our own vans and 53’ trailers. Our team of fabricators and mechanics build and maintain to the highest standards. Top-quality maintenance on our equipment ensures safety, comfort and on-time deliveries.


From seasoned drivers to general staff to front office personnel, we all understand and care about the industry and, most importantly, the well-being of your horses.


In fact, many of our employees have been with our organization for over twenty years. We think that our commitment to our employees and team shows through our employees’ dedication for generations. Several of our driver teams are father-son combinations. Our dedication to our employees is key to our success, and their success. When we say this is a “family business”, our employees are part of the Sallee family.


Our commitment to training, safety, and service is just one of the many things that set us apart from our competition.


Call us and we’ll show you how we earned our reputation as the world’s premier horse transportation company. You can trust us to do the job.