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Coming or going, Sallee Horse Vans is the best way to transport your horse.

Does Sallee offer paperless billing and payment?

Yes! Sallee Horse Vans offers the option for our customers to receive invoices electronically via email and you can now pay your invoices online via our secure and safe online bill payment system. Click here for the online bill pay.

How far in advance do I need to make my travel arrangements?

Time of year, destination, and number of horses you have to ship are all factors in the time frame you need to make shipping arrangements. Generally, the more lead time you provide us, the better we are able to accommodate specific shipping date requests. 5-7 days is ample time in most cases, unless you have an unusual shipping destination. Our travel experts make great efforts to schedule horses going to the same area of destination to reduce travel time. Mixed loads are grouped together keeping the number of drops to a minimum.

Are there any shipping restrictions between the US and Canada?

Federal health papers are required to enter Canada from the United States. These papers are good for 30 days, and horses can return to the US on those papers within that time frame.

Are there any shipping restrictions between states that I should know about?
What are Sallee's areas of travel?
What stall space should I request for my horse's travel?

* Stall and a Half – This is the standard space that is used, and provides more room for your horse than the single stall.


* Box Stall – This is the only space where your horse is loose in the stall. It provides your horse with the space and comforts similar to home. Traveling in a box stall provides horses the opportunity to move around. It has been proven in studies that horses that travel in box stalls have less illness and fatigue from travel than horses in standing stalls. Box stalls are often used for mares and foals, weanlings, and race horses. Box stalls are provided upon request.

How do I know when my horse is being shipped to my farm?

The Sallee office sets up shipping with the originating farm. It is the originating farm’s responsibility to notify the farm of destination on estimated time of arrival. In addition, Sallee’s staff will notify destination the day before.

If we are not going to be home, will Sallee drivers drop the horse off at our farm and put it in the stall?

No. For safety purposes, farm personnel must load and unload the horse(s).

Do Sallee drivers feed and water horses during travel?

We will give horses a filled hay-net, and water them frequently throughout their trip. Most horses prefer their hay from home. Horses in box stalls will have water buckets hanging in their stall.

What should I do about bandaging?

It is each owner/trainer’s preference. However, many horses are not used to bandages (i.e. young horses). Often on long trips, bandages will slip causing more problems than they would protect. If bandages slip, we will remove them. It is also important to know that we will not bandage or re-set bandages on trips. We will have bandages removed during layover at our facility, and re-set by our vet upon request.

What are some tips to prepare my horse for for the most comfortable shipping?

* Check with your vet for shipping recommendations.


* Send your own hay. Your horse is used to it.

What paperwork is needed for travel?

Upon confirming shipping arrangements, our travel experts will advise you on the appropriate paperwork needed for your destination. Typically, your horse will need a current negative coggins test and a Health Certificate. Other requirements may be necessary depending on destination.  Click here for state by state Equine Entry Health Requirements.

What type of insurance do you have for my horse or is horse insurance available?

Each horse is valued for $5,000 during shipping. If you would like travel insurance contact your insurance agent.

How many drivers go on long distance trips?

Two drivers/horsemen are on each long distance trip.

What is "Carrier's Convenience"?

“Carrier’s Convenience” is traveling when there is a load of horses going to your city/area of destination. Our dispatchers will inform you of our travel frequency to the destination requested. We will call you one or two days in advance of shipping to arrange pick-up times.

How To Arrange Shipping:
Contact Sallee Horse Vans and we can help with the additional questions you may have concerning your shipping request.